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Welcome to a place of healing, recovery and transformation. Have you endured traumatic events that have left you feeling overwhelmed and burdened? Do you find yourself grappling with emotions like anger, depression, and anxiety?

You're not alone. Many have sought solutions, only to be met with frustration and ineffective treatments. But here, you've found a different path. My Trauma Recovery Method offers you the understanding and tools to conquer your past trauma and break free from the grip of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Say goodbye to long waits for treatment, ineffective medications, and generic advice.

It's time to reclaim your life, leaving behind the emotional and physical pain that has haunted you for far too long. 

Our comprehensive method is tailored to your unique needs, providing understanding, support, and practical tools to overcome the emotional and physical pain of your past. Take the first step towards regaining control and join our empowering Masterclass today.

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  • Certain things trigger or ‘set you off’ – you may react to certain situations without thinking.
  • Stress and anxiety - you are never able to enjoy the present moment and are constantly worried
  • Exhaustion - you may be experiencing sleeplessness, burnout, and low energy
  • Overwhelmed - your day-to-day tasks at home and at work seem impossible   
  • Paralyzed by indecision - you second-guess yourself and this causes decision making to be difficult and slow. You may feel like you are in a constant brain fog.
  • No one really understands what you are experiencing – you feel alone as people and may have been told to ‘just get on with it’ or ‘pull yourself together’ 
  • Lack self-esteem and confidence – you may miss out on life as you don’t feel strong enough to take part in daily activities
  • Panic attacks - you might find yourself short-fused and irritable because you feel out of control
  • Feeling low - perhaps you are self-medicating to numb your feelings with food/alcohol/shopping/netflix 
  • You may be experiencing physical symptoms - racing heart rate, headaches, acute IBS and insomnia
  • Feeling like you are failing at everything - curling up in bed, cancelling your appointments and running away are failing at everything.
  • Broken relationships - with your partner, family, work, or friends

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The Trauma Recovery Method

Bonita Ackerman du Preez is the founder of The Trauma Recovery School, a Master Therapist, Coach and trauma recovery expert who is most famous for helping professional men and women deal with past trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Bonita helps them get their life back on track by moving on from emotional and physical pain. Over the past 6 years, she has helped over 1000 clients with her proven 3-step Trauma Recovery Method and inside her free Masterclass trainings, she reveals exactly how it all works.

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The Real Problem with Trauma

Hidden triggers from past events and trauma are activating your brain’s stress chemicals and body’s nervous system. After a trigger or traumatic event, the brain chemistry can cause many symptoms and inappropriate responses, such as stress, fear, anxiety and depression. It’s not your fault, it’s just the way your brain is trying to protect you and to keep you safe. The good news is that there is a lot you can do that will greatly reduce or perhaps even eliminate completely the symptoms of past trauma and PTSD if you get the right help.

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Allow us to be your guide on this journey of reclaiming your life from the grip of past trauma or PTSD. Together, we will conquer the overwhelming feelings that have left you exhausted, overwhelmed, and trapped in a state of low emotional well-being. 

Together, we will uncover the hidden strength within you, enabling you to rise above your past and embrace a future filled with resilience, confidence, and newfound happiness. Your path to freedom starts here.

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