About Us 

Introducing Bonita and Claire Ackerman du Preez, the partners and Directors at The Trauma Recovery School.

Bonita is our Master Therapist, coach, and trusted trauma recovery expert, and together we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you on your trauma recovery journey. With a specialisation in assisting highly functioning professional men and women, we have earned recognition for our exceptional work in helping individuals overcome past trauma and PTSD. 

With a focus on restoring your life's journey, we'll guide you in reclaiming the body and mind from emotional and physical pain. Having successfully supported over 1000 clients in the past 6 years, our renowned 3-step Trauma Recovery Method awaits you. Join our illuminating Masterclass training to unlock the secrets of our transformative approach and the techniques behind the success for many of our clients.

Our Mission

At The Trauma Recovery School, our passion lies in understanding the profound impact of trauma on the brain, mind, and body. With a relentless pursuit of knowledge, we employ groundbreaking therapy techniques similar to EMDR, IEMT, Brainspotting, Kinetic Shift, Rewind Therapy, NLP, FLASH EMDR, Quick Induction Hypnosis, and Personal Performance Coaching. Our mission is to facilitate transformational change and foster post-traumatic growth.

We are dedicated to helping clients conquer trauma, anxiety, and stress stemming from personal and professional challenges. Whether it's accident or grief recovery, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, or a loss of confidence, we provide support. Our clients turn to us when life's pressures become overwhelming after trauma or PTSD, often leading to strained relationships, complex family dynamics, low self-esteem, and challenging work environments.

Founded by Bonita, The Trauma Recovery School empowers individuals seeking recovery from past experiences or PTSD. We equip them with knowledge, techniques, and tools to get their life back on track so they are living, not just surviving.

Bonita's Story

Bonita endured two profound personal trauma events that deeply impacted her life. Struggling with overwhelming physical and emotional symptoms, she embarked on a desperate quest to find healing. Despite her efforts, self-help strategies proved futile. She found myself confined, haunted by her inner critic, and consumed by paralyzing paranoia. Her confidence crumbled, and her self-esteem plummeted, leaving her irritable and barely holding on.

Realising that she needed expert guidance to rise above her lowest point, she sought the help of a therapist. Investing time and effort, she delved into understanding the intricate workings of her brain and body in the aftermath of significant trauma. With her therapist's support, she confronted and processed the painful experiences, learning invaluable techniques to manage her own symptoms. The transformation she experienced was nothing short of miraculous, igniting a powerful desire for change.

This pivotal moment awakened a profound calling within me—to help others overcome and recover from their own past trauma and PTSD, enabling them to rebuild their lives after they've crumbled.



Bonita is a passionate advocate for her work, but she also believes in the importance of embracing life's joys. She finds solace in the gym, cycling, spending time with loved ones, and exploring the world. After overcoming personal trauma, she knows the significance of nurturing her mental health. Originally from South Africa, Bonita is now happily married to Claire in the United Kingdom, and together they share their home with three cats and two spirited horses named Henri and Nacho. Her inspiring journey fuels her commitment to helping others find resilience, empowerment, and joy.

Claire's Story

Claire's journey is one of empowerment and resilience. With over 30 years of dedicated service as a senior officer in a UK police force, she encountered numerous traumatic events inherent in emergency work, often involving injury or assault.

Throughout her illustrious career, Claire consistently prioritised the welfare and growth of others. Going above and beyond her responsibilities, she embraced roles as a coach, mentor, and advocate for leadership development and improved representation for marginalised groups.

In recent years, Claire has relentlessly pursued her passion for enhancing her skills in therapeutic techniques. She has diligently acquired qualifications in various modalities, including NLP, Rewind, FLASH EMDR and hypnotherapy.

Claire's dedication is further fuelled by her own personal experience with trauma. She faced the devastating loss of a close family member who took their own life, and it was during this tragic ordeal that Claire discovered the critical importance of seeking help.

Through her own lived experience, Claire intimately understands the lasting impact trauma can have on every aspect of life. It deepened her appreciation for the urgency of seeking support and assistance to navigate the aftermath of such intense pain. This personal revelation became a driving force in her commitment to helping others overcome their own traumas and rebuild their lives.

With her unique perspective and profound empathy, Claire approaches her work with a deep understanding of the lasting effects of trauma. She is dedicated to providing a safe and compassionate space for individuals to heal, grow, and transform their lives. By sharing her own journey and insights, Claire inspires hope and reminds others that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a courageous step towards reclaiming joy, resilience, and well-being.

When Claire is not immersed in supporting therapy work, she finds solace and passion in the equestrian world. As an avid dressage rider, she dedicates her free time to honing her skills achieving remarkable success at top-level dressage competitions.

Beyond her equestrian pursuits, Claire cherishes her family role with Bonita and their animals. Claire's passion for horses, her dedication to personal growth, health and well-being create a rich tapestry of fulfilment and balance in her life.


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